The Electric Guitar Quartet

Sähkökitarakvartetti "II"
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Sähkökitarakvartetti “II” was released on 11th of November 2022 and features compositions by Marja Ahti, Clara de Asís and Lauri Hyvärinen.

The album features compositions by three young composers who have developed their unique sound as musicians and composers in the field of experimental and improvised music. Marja Ahti’s “The Threshold” is built around unusual guitar tunings and the EBow, an electronic device which produces sustained timbres reminiscent of a bowed violin. “Everyday less, less everyday” is a meditative composition by Clara de Asís. Slowly moving soundscapes of tones interfere with each other creating harmonic beatings. Sähkökitarakvartetti member Lauri Hyvärinen’s composition “Tropes”, also makes use of unusual guitar tunings. Whereas the other two compositions on the album are calm and slowly moving, “Tropes'' showcases almost violent uses of the guitar with distorted and screaming sounds finally resolving to sparse fields of harmonics.

Sähkökitarakvartetti "I"
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Sähkökitarakvartetti's debut album "I" was released on 22nd of June 2022 and features compositions by Laura Naukkarinen (Lau Lau), Sami Klemola and Daniel M Karlsson.

This first release contemplates a three track window into electroacoustic soundscapes. Laura Naukkarinen’s (Lau Nau) ‘Lfolfolfos’ takes cues from the swelling waves of synthesizer low-frequency oscillators. Sami Klemola’s
‘Chiaroscuro Etydes’ is a study of shade and light in layers of no-input pedal chain hiss. Daniel M Karlsson’s EBow’d and ring modulated sludge drone epic ‘Mutually Exclusive Continuities’ sees the ensemble augmented to a quintet with Jenni Kinnunen on fifth
electric guitar.